Session 6 | Geneva | 3 Jun 2013
1. Welcome, introductions, and agenda
EVE-06-02/Rev.3 | Final agenda for the 6th EVE informal group session
2. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting
EVE-05-15 | Report of the 5th EVE informal group session
EVE-04-06 | Proposed EVE Roadmap - Draft v1 (14 Jan 2013)
EVE-06-03 | Revised EVE Roadmap - May 2013 Project schedule envisioning completion and WP.29 approval of a global Reference Guide on electric vehicle environmental regulations by November 2014.
3. Next meeting
EVE-06-08 | Logistical information for the 7th EVE Informal Group session in Beijing Information for the EVE session scheduled for 17-18 October 2013.
4. Update on status of EVE IWG Progress Report and ToR for AC.3
EVE-06-09 | Progress report of the EVE informal group to the GRPE
GRPE-65-03 | Progress report of the informal group on Electric Vehicles and the Environment
GRPE-65-04/Rev.1 | Final ToR for Informal Working Group on Electric Vehicles and Environment Final Terms of Reference for the informal working group on the environmental performance of electric vehicles.
5. Information-sharing presentations and results from research activities completed since EVE 5
EVE-06-05/Rev.1 | Lithium-Ion Battery Service Life Parameters: revised
EVE-06-06 | Impact of inductive charging of electric buses on the distribution network
EVE-06-04 | EVE IWG prioritization discussion points (xls)
6. Reference Guide Development
EVE-06-03/Rev.1 | Revised project roadmap for "Electric Vehicles and the Environment"
EVE-06-04 | EVE IWG prioritization discussion points (xls)
EVE-05-03 | Questionnaire to support the development of the EVE Reference Guide Survey destined to solicit input for an electric vehicle regulatory reference guide covering all types of road vehicles (motorcycles, passenger cars, light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles) with electrical propulsion, including battery electric vehicles (BEV), hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and plug-in hybrids (PHEV).
7. Roundtable on progress of related WP.29 working groups: EVS, WLTP, HDH, VPSD, EPPR
EVS-03-25 | Draft minutes of the 3rd EVS informal group session
EVS-03-02 | Electric vehicle safety global technical regulation outline: co-sponsors' proposal Comparison between outline (Part B) and OICA GTR draft.
GRPE-66-02 | Draft text of the proposed GTR on light vehicle emissions and fuel efficiency (WLTP)
VPSD-02-03 | Vehicle Propulsion System Definitions (version 03.05.2013) Vehicle propulsion-system terminology definitions as of 3 May 2013, pursuant to the teleconference of the VPSD informal group of 4 April 2013.
VPSD-02-04/Rev.1 | Vehicle Propulsion System Definitions, version 22.05.2013
GRPE-66-11 | Proposed Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure for the EPPR informal group Proposal for the mandate and objectives of the Informal Working Group on Environmental and Propulsion Performance Requirements for L-category vehicles (EPPR) submitted for GRPE approval.
GRPE-66-12 | Request for a mandate to amend GTR No. 2 and to develop new GTR in the area of EPPR Request for a mandate to amend UN GTR No. 2 and to develop new UN GTRs and UN Regulations in the area of Environmental and Propulsion Performance Requirements (EPPR) for light vehicles
8. Discuss draft EVE -07 meeting agenda
EVE-06-07 | Draft agenda for the 7th EVE informal group session
9. Concluding remarks, Closing