The group was authorized in March 2012 pursuant to a proposal by the United States, Japan, and the European Union (later joined by China) to develop a global regulatory framework for electric vehicles.

The group has developed a GTR on Electric Vehicle Power Determination and on light-vehicle EV battery durability. Current work anticipates a new GTR on heavy-duty vehicle EV battery durability (an eHDV battery durability drafting group supports EVE on this issue). The EVE group has also discussed upstream emissions as a means to more fully understand the impact of electric vehicle use on the environment.

Latest Documents
27 Feb 2024 Agenda of the 68th EVE informal group session EVE-68-01/Rev.4
1 Mar 2024 Heavy EV battery durability: Open items and discussion points EVE-68-04
27 Feb 2024 Heavy-duty vehicle battery durability: Key priorities (high level) EVE-68-07
27 Feb 2024 Heavy-duty EV battery durability: Battery deterioration test boundary EVE-68-08
27 Feb 2024 Market Analysis for HDV Battery Deterioration EVE-68-09
28 Feb 2024 Heavy-duty EV battery durability GTR: "Where are we?" status review EVE-68-10/Rev.1
29 Feb 2024 Heavy-duty EV battery durability: Transport Technology and Mobility Assessment (TEMA) results EVE-68-11