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Latest Documents
9 Feb 2024 Scientific notations in UN R48 SLR-66-01
9 Feb 2024 Requirements for non-replaceable light sources and light source modules SLR-66-05/Rev.1
9 Feb 2024 Logistical information for the 69th SLR informal group session (Tokyo) SLR-66-11
9 Feb 2024 Proposal to improve the visibility of Direction Indicators SLR-66-08/Rev.1
7 Feb 2024 Proposal to align the definitions of R48.09 and R53.04 SLR-66-10
6 Feb 2024 Direction indicators: Improvement of visibility SLR-66-09
6 Feb 2024 Comparison of lighting definitions: UN R48.09 and UN R53.04.01 SLR-66-07