Session 83 | Web conference | 1-4 Jun
This session includes documents concerning the following regulatory subjects:
UN R24 C.I. Engine Emissions and Net Power UN Regulation UNR 0024
UN R49 Diesel and CNG/LNG Engine Emissions UN Regulation UNR 0049
UN R83 Motor Vehicle Emissions UN Regulation UNR 0083
UN R101 Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Fuel/Energy Consumption UN Regulation UNR 0101
Particle Measurement Programme Regulatory Project PMP
UN R134 Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle safety UN Regulation UNR 0134
Mutual Resolution No. 2: Vehicle Propulsion System Definitions Resolution 0002
UN R154 Light Vehicle Emissions Type Approval Test Procedure UN Regulation UNR 0154
Electric Vehicle Battery Durability Regulatory Project EV Battery Durability