(Latest posted on 1 Jun 2018)
GRRF Scope
Groups reporting to GRRF
Please note that some groups may no longer be active.
MVC Modular Vehicle Combinations Last session: January 2020
ACDC Agricultural Coupling Devices and Components Last session: November 2017
R55 Informal Group on Amendments to UN R55.01 Last session: June 2016
LKAS Lane Keeping Assist System Ad Hoc Group Last session: June 2015
ACV Informal Group on Automated Connections Between Vehicles Last session: April 2013
TPM Informal Working Group on Tyre Pressure Monitoring Last session: November 2008
AMEVSC Informal Group on an Alternative Method for Assessing Electronic Vehicle Stability Control Systems Last session: December 2012
AEBS/LDWS Informal Group on Advanced Emergency Braking and Lane Departure Warning Systems Last session: January 2013
STD Joint GRRF/GRB informal group on Special Tyre Definitions Last session: August 2009