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PMP informal working group progress report and next steps
Document GRPE-69-25
5 June 2014

PMP work program including on exhaust emissions and non-exhaust (tire, brake) vehicle emissions.

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Previous Documents, Discussions, and Outcomes
7. | Particle Measurement Programme (PMP)

27. The Chair of the IWG on PMP provided an overview of the latest activities of the IWG (GRPE-69-25) focusing (i) first on the exhaust emissions, in particular on the 23 nm cut-off size confirmation given the state of technology as well as the development of a robust procedure to measure particles down to 10 nm in case of future needs, (ii) then on the particle emissions during regeneration and the particle emissions from Non-Road Mobile Machinery. He reported that the Group had addressed (GRPE-69-24) the concerns expressed in GRPE-69-03 and proposed a possible road map on how to proceed further with the issue of particles from tyre and brake wear (GRPE-69-23).

28. GRPE acknowledged the information provided by the IWG and the Russian Federation, endorsed in principle the roadmap proposed and requested the secretariat to reserve a room for a meeting prior to the January 2015 GRPE session.

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