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UN R14 and UN R16: Proposal for new series of amendments
Document GRSP-73-05
2 May 2023

Presentation on the background and scope of the proposal to amend

Submitted by Finland
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5. | UN Regulation No. 14 (Anchorages of safety-belts)

10. The expert from Finland introduced GRSP-73-06 to propose a new series of amendments to UN Regulations Nos. 14 and 16 that remove the derogations for the two-point safety belts (GRSP-70-05). He recalled to GRSP that GRSP-70-07, introduced at the seventieth session of GRSP, showed evidence of an insufficient level of safety with two-point belts. He concluded that equipping buses with three-point safety belts was a cost-effective way to increase safety for passengers. The expert from the Netherlands in principle supported the proposal and asked a time reservation. The expert from Italy also requested time reservation. The expert from the United Kingdom informed GRSP of a low number of bus crash casualties in his country. The expert from OICA recalled GRSP-70-06 and GRSP-70-07 that were introduced by the expert from Finland at the seventieth session of GRSP, and requested clearer evidence of the benefit of three-point safety-belts, including for other countries. The expert from Germany also stated a low number of bus casualties in his country; GRSP noted that he would provide further statistics at its December session. The expert from Japan also informed of a low number of bus casualties and noted there was no evidence that three-point belts would be beneficial. GRSP agreed to resume discussion at its December 2023 session based on a revised proposal and requested its experts to provide further statistical data. GRSP noted that if a new replacement proposal was not received by the secretariat, GRSP-73-06 should be confirmed for submission as an official document.

6. | UN Regulation No. 16 (Safety-belts)
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