Document GRSG-124-27
Three-dimensional H-point machine: State of play
Submitted by Netherlands
Discussions and Outcomes
124th GRSG session (11-14 Oct 2022)

43. The expert from the Netherlands introduced GRSG-124-27, narrating a lack of consistency between different UN Regulations and UN GTRs when referencing different versions of the three-dimensional H point machine and the test procedures to measure the H point. He further provided a proposal (GRSG-124-30) indicating possible solutions to solve such inconsistencies. GRSG agreed on GRSG-124-30 as a possible solution and to: (a) introduce it informally at the AC.2 November 2022 session, (b) explain the GRSG solution in the highlights of the Chair of GRSG at the November 2022 session of WP.29, and (c) seek agreement on the use of the concerned SAE standard (drawings and specifications of the machine) with an SAE representative to WP.29, with the support of the representative of the Netherlands.