UN R157: Proposal for amendments to document GRVA/2020/33
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Proposal to amend the proposal from Germany regarding lane-change functionality:

  1. paragraph 5.2.1. – lane keeping
  2. paragraph – risk to safety of the vehicle occupants and other road users
  3. paragraphs and – preconditions for a lane change procedure
  4. paragraph – timing of a lane change maneuver
  5. paragraph and its sub-paragraphs – criticality of a lane change maneuver
  6. paragraph 7.1.3. – rear detection range
  7. Annex 5. – test cases for rear detection range, lane change.

Reference Number: GRVA-07-28
Origin: CLEPA and OICA
Date: 15 September 2020
Proposal Status: Formal GR review
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