UN R117: Proposal for Supplement 11 to the 02 series of amendments
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Proposal for an amendment to complement the content of working document GRVA/2018/5. The proposal includes amendments to:

  1. The Standard Reference Test Tyre (SRTT) denominations
  2. Remove the discrimination between the two Class C3 tyres
  3. Clarify that there are no C3 tyres in the scope of this UN Regulation “not marked with speed symbol”
  4. Align Annex 6 with the most recent amendments made to standard ISO 28580
  5. Define “standard deviation” as appropriate in the text
  6. Clarify that, in the cases of C2 and C3 tyres, the “Reference (test) pressure” and the value “Pr” correspond to the indication of the inflation pressure which is always marked on the sidewall
  7. Use “repeatable” instead of references to “reproducibility”
  8. Update test report forms
  9. Include the date on which the new proposed supplement of UN Regulation No. 117 will apply
  10. Improve the description of the evaluation of the rolling sound emission test
  11. Correct the figure in Annex 2, Appendix 2, and
  12. Update cross references pursuant to paragraph renumbering.

Reference Number: WP.29/2020/6
Date: 19 December 2019
Proposal Status: Adopted
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