UN R150: Draft consolidated proposal for amendments
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Consolidated proposal incorporating the proposal to correct a paragraph reference (‘’ in place of ‘’) and to insert a provision from UN R3 (para. 4.1.2.) unintentionally omitted from the original text and the proposal to improve the text, add that the definitions in UN R48 apply unless the regulation or the vehicle-category-specific regulations (UN R53, 78, 86) specify different applicable definitions, to clarify that the construction provision and prohibition on use of paints or varnishes under paragraph 4.1.6 only apply to retro-reflectors, to correct the omission of Class F devices from the title of paragraph 5.4., and to add the water-resistance test (from UN R69 and R70) to Annex 7.

Reference Number: GRE-82-26
Date: 18 October 2019
Proposal Status: Formal GR review
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Working Party on Lighting and Light-signalling | Session 82 | 22-25 Oct 2019

12. GRE also noted draft consolidated proposals for amendments to UN Regulation Nos. [148] and [150] (GRE-82-30 and GRE-82-26). The Chair invited GRE experts to review these documents and send their comments to IWG SLR.