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Informal Document GRSG-117-47

Document Title UN R144: Consolidated proposal for a 01 series of amendments
Reference Number GRSG-117-47
Origin Russia
Document Date 9 October 2019
Document Posted 9 October 2019
Meeting Session(s)

Full UN R144 integrating the proposal to:

  1. clarify that the application of an AECD approval to other vehicle categories than M1 and N1 is not mandatory,
  2. align the power supply requirement of Part III, para. 34.1 with the corresponding requirement in Part II, para. 25.1.
  3. clarify with regard to para. 34.1 that if the vehicle is equipped with both
    • -a “back-power supply” as listed in para. 35.10.1 and
    • -a “Power supply other than back-up power supply mentioned in paragraph 35.10.1” as listed in para. 35.10.2
    both should be tested according to Annex 9. The “Power supply other than back-up power supply mentioned in paragraph 35.10.1” should indeed only be tested if it is the only power supply for the AECS.
  4. include two-year transitional provisions
  5. remove the exclusion of M1 and N1 not equipped with a side airbag and to specify that the AECS shall be able to output the navigation solution in an NMEA-0183 protocol format (RMC, GGA, VTG, GSA and GSV message), among other clarifications.

Document Status Superseded
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