UN R127: Proposal for Supplement 2 the 00 series of amendments, Supplement 2 to the 01 series of amendments and Supplement 1 to the 02 series of amendments
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Proposal to ensure pedestrian protection across the vehicle height variations that may be produced by an active suspension system.

Reference Number: GRSP/2019/18
Origin: Germany
Date: 26 September 2019
Proposal Status: Formal GR review
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Working Party on Passive Safety | Session 67 | 20-23 Jul 2020

20. The expert from Germany reiterated his proposal (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/2019/18) and referred to agenda item 3(a) (see paragraph 4). The expert from OICA introduced GRSP-67-07 as a counterproposal, aimed at clarifying the issue that vehicle height has an influence on the test results of headform and legform tests, and consequentially all possible vehicle heights up to a driving speed of 11.1 m/s (40 km/h) should be considered to be relevant for impact with a pedestrian. Germany stated its agreement, in general, with the OICA proposal but suggested further clarifications. GRSP agreed to resume discussion at its December 2020 session on the basis of a potentially revised proposal from the experts of Germany, the United Kingdom and OICA.