UN R127: Proposal of Supplements to the 00, 01 and 02 series of amendments
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Proposal to ensure pedestrian protection across the vehicle height variations that may be produced by an active suspension system.

Reference Number: GRSP-65-21
Origin: Germany
Date: 10 May 2019
Proposal Status: Superseded
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Working Party on Passive Safety | Session 65 | 13-17 May 2019

33. Referring to agenda item 3(b) (see paragraph 8 above), the expert from Germany suggested postponing discussion on GRSP-65-21 to allow careful consideration of the new provisions of the General Safety Regulation of the European Union, which had proposed an extension of the head impact zone. GRSP agreed to defer discussion of GRSP-65-21 to its December 2019 session and to distribute it with an official symbol.