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Summary of the CITA international conference, Seoul, 2-4 April 2019
Document GRPE-79-06
17 May 2019
Submitted by CITA
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3. (a) | UN Regulations Nos. 68 (Measurement of the maximum speed, including electric vehicles), 83 (Emissions of M1 and N1 vehicles), 101 (CO2 emissions/fuel consumption) and 103 (Replacement pollution control devices)

11. The representative from CITA introduced GRPE-79-06 on the highlights of the CITA annual congress held in Republic of Korea in April 2019. He summarized the latest updates on emissions measurements during PTI tests. The Chair highlighted the importance of the topic and recalled it has been included in the draft priority list of GRPE (see para. 6).

12. The representative from Spain referred to the measurement of particulate number (PN) and asked whether a mature technology to measure PN during PTI tests was available on the market. The representative from CITA explained that the technology was mature and that some countries were about to implement PN measurements during PTI tests in the coming years, in the 2020/2021 time horizon. The representative from Netherlands confirmed PN tests are expected in 2021. He also highlighted the importance of in-use emission monitoring in the rapid technology changes the vehicle industry is facing, with digitalization, over-the-air updates and self-learning features that need to be considered.