Proposal for the 03 series of amendments as Phase 3 of Regulation No. 129
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Updated proposal from the CRS informal working group, superseding document GRSP/2017/17.

  1. The proposed amendment includes Enhanced Child Restraint Systems from the universal belted or specific to vehicle belted categories into the scope of UN Regulation No. 129. This represents Phase 3 of the UN Regulation.
  2. This proposal refers to the original text of Regulation No. 129, including the following amendments:
    • Corrigendum 1,
    • Supplement 1,
    • Supplement 2,
    • Supplement 3,
    • Supplement 4,
    • the 01 series of amendments,
    • Supplement 1 to the 01 series of amendments,
    • the 02 series of amendments,
    • Supplement 1 to the 02 series of amendments (GRSP/2016/19 and 23 amended by GRSP-60-08-Rev.1),
    • Supplement 2 to the 01 series of amendments (GRSP/2016/22 amended by GRSP-60-09-Rev.2).

Reference Number: GRSP-61-17/Rev.2
Origin: France
Date: 12 May 2017
Proposal Status: Superseded
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Working Party on Passive Safety | Session 61 | 8-12 May 2017

36. The expert from France introduced GRSP-61-17-Rev.2, superseding ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/2017/17 aimed at introducing the third phase of the UN Regulation which is meant to introduce “Universal belted” and “Specific vehicle belted” category of CRS. He further explained that the basic principle of Phase 3 was to reach a compromise from misuse and bad installation and having as much as possible seat places to install CRS where ISOFIX anchorages cannot be allocated. Moreover, GRSP noted the request of guidance to Contracting Parties proposed in GRSP-61-28 concerning: (i) which kind of combinations of ECRS should be allowed (e.g. ISOFIX and Universal Belted) (ii) under which conditions and (iii) guiding principles. The expert from the Netherlands raised concerns on “inserts” used on CRS to adapt them to the size of the occupant. He stated that inserts should be identified (labelled with identification and with size information) and that requirements should be devised to prevent camouflage of bad CRS. The expert from the United Kingdom supported the principle of a performance-based approach and requested more data on misuse. However, he shared the concern of the expert from the Netherlands. The expert from IC stated that ISOFIX had the priority to avoid misuse while other solutions and combinations with ISOFIX were just secondary and should be limited. The experts from Germany and Sweden raised a study reservation and stated that “plug-and-play” solution was the key principle for having a simple and efficient system; while now the ECRS IWG was opening to combinations that could have misuse implications.

37. GRSP agreed to resume discussion on Phase 3 of the UN Regulation at its December 2017 session on the basis of more data analyses. In the same time, GRSP referred back to the IWG GRSP-61-17-Rev.2 and invited representatives of Contracting Parties of the 1958 Agreement to participate in the 21-22 June meeting of the IWG to cover the request of guidance mentioned above.