World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations | Session 176 | 12-16 Nov 2018
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Agenda Item 18.4.
UN GTR No. 7 (Head restraints)

189. The representative of Japan, technical sponsor of Phase 2 of UN GTR No. 7 on head restraints, informed AC.3 that IWG had submitted an official proposal of amendments, based on empirical data, to the UN GTR and a parallel one to UN Regulation No. 17 at the December 2018 session of GRSP. The representative from the United Kingdom confirmed that such proposals would be eventually complemented at the above-mentioned GRSP session or at its May 2019 session by: (a) the final status report by the IWG, and (b) a proposal of Addendum 1 to the Mutual Resolution No. 1 to incorporate drawings and specifications of the Bio Rear Impact Dummy.