Session 76 | Geneva | 9-12 Jan 2018
Agenda Item 14. Any other business

52. The expert from OICA briefly introduced GRPE-76-20 on non-harmonized fuel economy provisions for heavy duty vehicles in various countries and regions. The expert from OICA proposed that a workshop would be organized in order to discuss this subject. The secretariat agreed to collaborate in hosting the workshop. GRPE agreed to add a corresponding item on the agenda of GRPE.

53. The expert from OICA briefly introduced GRPE-76-21, proposing to amend UN Regulation No. 24. He agreed to prepare an informal document along the lines in his presentation.

54. The secretariat briefly introduced GRSG-113-39 to inform GRPE on activities that could be relevant. He invited delegates to consult the document and submit remarks if necessary.

GRPE-76-20 | HD Fuel Economy - Proposal for global harmonization (OICA)
GRPE-76-21 | UN R24: Proposal for amendments (OICA)
GRSG-113-39 | UN R121: Proposal for Supplement 10 to the original series of amendments and Supplement 2 to the 01 series of amendments (OICA)