Automatically Commanded Steering Functions | Session 4 | 25-27 Nov 2015
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Agenda Item 5.14.1.

“Motorway” Definition:
Again a lengthy discussion with regard to the definition of the roads where ACSF shall be allowed.

(D): Speed limit should be taken out of the definition
(Sekr): was a proposal of UK in the 2nd session
(SE): Should it really work only on “motorways”, otherwise we should define it different.
(D): Support (SE) comment, we should define it as a “ACSF-road” with a specific definition.
(J): Exclude speed limit
(OICA): New definition is preferred. Proposal to reference to the Vienna Convention .
(SE): This seems not to be helpful, as it is up to the countries to define “motorways”
(OICA): If we have no clear definition, it is difficult for the system to detect the road.

Homework: D to make a new proposal → amended
All amendments, see ACSF-04-20 (Secretary) Consolidated Document after 4th session. → amended → amended → amended

ACSF-04-13 | OICA-CLEPA comments on the draft ACSF amendment to UN R79 (based on document ACSF-03-16) (OICA and CLEPA)
ACSF-04-20 | Proposal for amendments to Regulation No. 79 to include ACSF > 10 km/h