Session 59 | Geneva | 9-13 May 2016
Agenda Item 4. Global technical regulation No. 9 (Pedestrian safety)
Working Party on Passive Safety | Session 58 | 8-11 Dec 2015

10. The experts from the Republic of Korea and OICA introduced a proposal of amendments to UN GTR (GRSP-58-31), to incorporate provisions for active deployable systems in the bonnet area. The expert from OICA clarified that the proposal aimed to use a well-established procedure that had been presented several years ago and that had been recommended to Contracting Parties (CPs) for consideration. The Chair of GRSP informed the Group that he would be able to provide some NHTSA research information on pedestrian safety active systems at the national level to GRSP at its May 2016 session.

11. GRSP agreed to resume consideration on these matters at its May 2016 session and to keep GRSP-58-31 as an informal document for further development.

Informal Group on Pedestrian Safety | Session 8 | 5-8 Apr 2005
GRSP-59-16 | Request for authorization to develop an amendment to global technical regulation No. 9 (Korea)