World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations | Session 161 | 12-15 Nov 2013
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Agenda Item 17.7.
Draft GTR on Worldwide harmonized Light vehicle Test Procedures (WLTP)

101. The Chair of GRPE (Germany) reported on behalf of the two co-sponsors (Japan and EU) on the development of the UN GTR on WLTP. He explained that the remaining open issues had been resolved. He confirmed that the consideration of the draft UN GTR would take place in the extraordinary GRPE session, scheduled to be held in Geneva on 14 November 2013. He expected that both the draft UN GTR and the Technical Report be recommended and transmitted to AC.3 for final consideration and possible adoption at its March 2014 session.

102. The representative of EU introduced a proposal to amend the UN GTR on WLTP (WP.29-161-14) and to extend the mandate of the IWG until the end of 2015. The proposal contained an outline of the forthcoming activities, a road map and the structure of the WLTP IWG. The representative of Japan, co-sponsor of this activity, corroborated the proposal. AC.3 supported the activities for the development of the first amendment to the UN GTR and authorized the IWG to initiate its tasks. AC.3 requested the secretariat to distribute an updated version of WP.29-161-14, including the recommendations to be made in the extraordinary session of GRPE, with an official symbol for consideration at the March 2014 session of AC.3.

WP.29-161-14 | Request to extend the mandate of the WLTP informal group through 2015 (EU and Japan)