This agenda item relates to UN R144 Accident Emergency Call Systems.

38. The expert from the Russian Federation, chairing the Informal Working Group on Accident Emergency Call System (AECS), reported on the progress made by the Group during the last meeting held in Turin in September 2014. He stressed the need to agree on the scope and principles of the draft UN Regulation on AECS. He presented GRSG-107-11 listing three possible alternatives (i) limitation of the scope of the UN Regulation to the vehicle while excluding issues on communication network and data transmission mechanisms, (ii) development of several UN Regulations, each one covering a technology class for a specific region, (iii) development of a UN Regulation that includes three classes of AECS covering the technologies used in the regions of the European Union, Japan and Russian Federation.

39. Several delegates expressed their concern on the first option due to the limited scope of the Regulation and the need to ensure that the type of AECS must be tested as a whole. GRSG decided to reject the second option. A large number of experts expressed their preference for the third option as long as the mutual recognition under the 1958 Agreement could be met.

40. GRSG agreed to go forward with option (iii) but to keep option (i) as a backup solution. The Chair of GRSG announced his intention to seek the advice of WP.29 at its November 2014 session.

GRSG-107-11 | 2nd progress report of the GRSG informal group on Accident Emergency Call System (AECS) (Russia)