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2. Mr. Rijnders, Chair of GRPE, opened the meeting, held as hybrid session, with all participants attending virtually because of the sanitary situation, and welcomed the participants. The Chair of the Informal Working Group (IWG) on Particle Measurement Programme (PMP) requested to remove ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRPE/2021/17 from the agenda as the IWG on PMP could not finalize the proposal in time for a consideration by GRPE. The Chair of the IWG on Electric Vehicles and the Environment (EVE) requested to remove ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRPE/2021/18 from the agenda as the IWG on EVE could not finalize the proposal in time for a consideration by GRPE.

3. GRPE acknowledged both requests by the IWGs on PMP and EVE and adopted the provisional agenda of the eighty-third session (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRPE/2021/9), as updated and consolidated in GRPE-83-03-Rev.4, and GRPE-83-02-Rev.1 as a tentative running order. GRPE took note of GRPE-83-01 on the organization of GRPE Informal Working Group (IWG) meetings held during the weeks prior to this meeting.

45. The Chair of the IWG on EVE detailed the reasons ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRPE/2021/18 had been withdrawn from the agenda and invited GRPE to review the latest draft of the UN GTR on In-vehicle Battery Durability (GRPE-83-09).

46. The Chair of IWG on EVE presented the status report introducing the latest activities of the group (GRPE-83-29). He detailed the latest activities with respect to in-vehicle battery durability as reflected in the latest draft of the UN GTR (see para ‎45).

47. The representative from OICA supported the extensive efforts done to finalize the draft UN GTR and agreed to leave some provisions still open (such Part A and B family definitions) even though some common agreements had been reached in recent meetings.

48. Given the importance and urgency to deliver on this new UN GTR, the Chair proposed GRPE to hold an additional GRPE session in the fall of 2021 so that the draft UN GTR could be considered and voted upon during the March 2022 session of WP.29. Following some interactions with the secretariat, the dates of 12 or 22 November 2021 afternoon were proposed.

49. The representatives from Canada, France, South Africa, Sweden, UK, USA and EC supported the proposal for an additional GRPE session and opted for the 12 November 2021.

50. The Chair of the IWG on EVE introduced draft updated terms of reference and rules of procedure for the IWG on EVE (GRPE-83-30) and announced GRPE a final version would be presented to GRPE at the additional November 2021 session.

66. The Vice-Chair introduced GRPE-83-34 as notes from the “low- and zero-tailpipe emissions Heavy duty vehicles and associated regulatory needs” workshop held by GRPE during the GRPE week.

67. The representative from OICA thanked the secretariat for organizing the workshop and clarified there are on-going discussions at OICA on amending UN Regulation No. 49 to include hydrogen as a fuel for internal combustion engines.

68. The representative from the US, chair of the IWG on EVE, agreed considering heavy duty in the activities related to in-vehicle battery durability would be highly relevant.

69. The Chair introduced GRPE-83-35 as revised list of priorities to be shared with WP.29. The representative from the EC called for prior consultation within GRPE before including new element in the priority list.

70. The representative from Japan stated that carbon neutrality was now a crucial issue in the country and required the issue of life cycle analysis to be considered by GRPE as candidate to be included in the priority list, as was already the case in the GRPE emission items list (GRPE-80-04-Rev.1). the Chair agreed to consider this at the next session of GRPE in November 2021.