Passive Safety
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APH Special Interest Group on Accessories for Protective Helmets under UN R22 2021
AdHocCRS Ad Hoc Group on Lower Tether Anchorages and Support Leg 2023
CRS Informal Group on Child Restraint Systems 2017
DEOP Data on Equitable Occupant Protection 2023
DPPS Task Force on Deployable Pedestrian Protection Systems 2017
EVS Electric Vehicle Safety 2023
EqOP Equitable Occupant Protection 2023
FI Informal Group on Frontal Impact 2014
GRPE Working Party on Pollution and Energy 2024
GRSP Working Party on Passive Safety 2024
GTR13 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicles Global Technical Regulation No. 13 (Phase 2) Informal Working Group 2022
GTR7 Informal Group on GTR 7 (Phase II) 2015
GTR9 Informal Group on GTR 9-Phase 2 2017
H2SGE Subgroup on Environment of the HFCV Informal Group 2010
HPM Ad hoc group of experts on 3D H-point Machine 2023
IWG-DPPS Deployable Pedestrian Protection Systems Informal Working Group 2023
PH Protective Helmets Informal Working Group 2019
PSI Informal Group on the Pole Side Impact GTR 2012
R134 Task Force on Transposition of GTR 13 Phase 2 into UN R134 2023
REESS Informal Group on Rechargeable Energy Storage Systems 2014
SGS Subgroup on Safety of the HFCV Informal Group 2011
SGS-TF Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Safety Subgroup Task Force 2010
SIGTP EV Thermal Propagation Test Method 2023
STCBC Safer Transport for Children in Buses and Coaches 2023
TEG Flex-PLI Technical Evaluation Group 2010
TEGID BioRID II Rear Impact Dummy Technical Evaluation Group 2019
TF-BTA Task Force on the GTR 9 Legform Bumper Test Area 2014
TF-QUN Implementation of Q UN Dummies under MR1 2022
TF-RUCC Task Force for the Review and Update of the Certification Corridor under GTR9-Phase 2 2012
TFPP3 Task Force on Pedestrian Protection under GTR 9 2021
TWSG GTR 9 Pedestrian Protection Amendment Technical Working Subgroup 2021
UNR100 UN R100 side discussions
WCWID Whiplash Criteria Workshop 2015
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