European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation
Non-Governmental Organization
21 January 2021 Proposal to amend the Worn Tyres working group terms of reference (ETRTO) GRBP-73-08
GRBP-73-08 2021-01-21
21 January 2021 UN R75: Proposal for a corrigendum to the French version of the text (ETRTO) GRBP-73-09
GRBP-73-09 2021-01-21
21 January 2021 ETRTO Tyre Performance Study (ETRTO) GRBP-73-11
GRBP-73-11 2021-01-21
21 January 2021 UN R117: Proposal to introduce an Ice Tyre definition for C1 class tyres (ETRTO) GRBP-73-19
GRBP-73-19 2021-01-21
29 January 2021 Tyre industry preliminary assessment of wet grip on worn C2 and C3 tyres (ETRTO) GRBP-73-22
GRBP-73-22 2021-01-29
29 January 2021 Working group on Worn Tyres: Proposal for revised terms of reference (EC, ETRTO, and France) GRBP-73-27/Rev.1
GRBP-73-27/Rev.1 2021-01-29
22 February 2021 Worn tyres: C2 and C3 considerations (ETRTO) WT-18-02
WT-18-02 2021-02-22
5 March 2021 UN R117: Proposal to amend document WP.29/2021/8 (ETRTO) WP.29-183-06
WP.29-183-06 2021-03-05
5 March 2021 1958 Agreement: Request for guidance on Contracting Parties not following rules (ETRTO) WP.29-183-07
WP.29-183-07 2021-03-05
22 March 2021 Worn tyres: Concept for C2 and C3 tyres (ETRTO) WT-19-02
WT-19-02 2021-03-22
22 April 2021 UN R117: Comments on temperature selection and noise measurement uncertainties (ETRTO) TFMU-10-03
TFMU-10-03 2021-04-22
26 April 2021 DETA and Unique Identifier (UI): Tire industry perspective and questions (ETRTO) DETA-41-04
DETA-41-04 2021-04-26
15 June 2021 UN R0: Request for guidance on transitional provisions (ETRTO) IWVTA-36-09/Rev.1
IWVTA-36-09/Rev.1 2021-06-15
21 June 2021 UN R117: Comments on the draft provisions for worn tyres (ETRTO and JASIC) WT-23-03
WT-23-03 2021-06-21
11 November 2021 DETA: Proposal for partitioning documents and file names (ETRTO) DETA-41-08/Rev.1
DETA-41-08/Rev.1 2021-11-11
20 June 2021 Draft presentation on worn tyres post processing provisions (ETRTO) WT-22-05
WT-22-05 2021-06-20
13 July 2021 UN R51: Remark on temperature correction (ETRTO) TFMU-13-04
TFMU-13-04 2021-07-13
5 July 2021 UN R117: Proposal for a Supplement to the 02 series of amendments (ETRTO) GRBP/2021/17
GRBP/2021/17 2021-07-05
17 September 2021 UN R117: Proposal for amendments to the 02 series of amendments (ETRTO) GRBP-74-31/Rev.1
GRBP-74-31/Rev.1 2021-09-17
12 September 2021 UN R (Studded Tyres): Proposals for amendments (ETRTO) GRBP-74-32
GRBP-74-32 2021-09-12
14 September 2021 Tyres and Road Traffic Noise: Where is the Potential? (ETRMA and ETRTO) TFVS-04-11/Rev.1
TFVS-04-11/Rev.1 2021-09-14
17 September 2021 UN R108/109: Comments on proposal for amendments (ETRTO) GRBP-74-29/Rev 1
GRBP-74-29/Rev 1 2021-09-17
17 September 2021 UN R109: Comments on the proposal for amendments (ETRTO) GRBP-74-30/Rev.2
GRBP-74-30/Rev.2 2021-09-17
16 June 2021 UN R108: Proposal for amendments (ETRTO) GRBP-74-35/Rev.1
GRBP-74-35/Rev.1 2021-06-16
14 September 2021 Proposal for revised Worn Tyres working group terms of reference (ETRTO) WT-28-03
WT-28-03 2021-09-14
17 November 2021 UN R51: Input on draft Supplement 8 to the 03 series of amendments (ETRTO) Session 14.75-04
Session 14.75-04 2021-11-17
26 November 2021 Wet Grip on Worn C1 tyres: Threshold definition approach considerations (ETRTO) WT-30-02
WT-30-02 2021-11-26
3 December 2021 Worn Tyres: Proposal for SRTT evaluation workplan (ETRTO) WT-30-07
WT-30-07 2021-12-03
23 November 2021 UN R54: Proposal for amendments (ETRTO) GRBP/2022/6
GRBP/2022/6 2021-11-23
23 November 2021 UN R106: Proposal for amendments (ETRTO) GRBP/2022/7
GRBP/2022/7 2021-11-23