Vehicle Noise
Related Groups
ASEP Informal Group on Additional Sound Emissions Provisions 2005
ASEP II 2nd Informal Working Group on Additional Sound Emission Provisions 2022
GRB Working Party on Noise 2019
GRBP Working Party on Noise and Tyres 2023
GRRF Working Party on Brakes and Running Gear 2018
GTRQRTV Global Technical Regulation for Quiet Road Transport Vehicles Informal Group 2018
GTRQRTV-TF GTR Drafting Task Force of the QRTV GTR Informal Group 2014
IWG-R51/R59 Informal Working Group on UN Regulations Nos. 51 and 59 2014
QRTV Informal Group on Quiet Road Transport Vehicles 2012
R41WG Informal Working Group on Motorcycle Noise Emissions (Regulation No. 41) 2010
RDASEP Real-Driving Additional Sound Emission Provisions: Monitoring Phase 2023 2023
REG58-QRTV Informal Working Group for the Development of a UN Regulation on Quiet Road Transport Vehicles 2016
STD Joint GRRF/GRB informal group on Special Tyre Definitions 2009
TA Task Force on Tyre Abrasion 2023
TFMU Task Force on Vehicle and Tyre Noise Measurement Uncertainties 2023
TFQRTV Task Force on QRTV and UN R138 02 series of amendments 2023
TFRWS Task Force on Reverse Warning Sound Issues 2021
TFSL Task Force on Vehicle Sound 2023
TFST Task Force on Studded Tyres 2021
UNR51-DG ASEP II UN R51-04 Drafting Group 2021
WT Informal Working Group on Worn Tyres 2023