1. Welcome and introduction

The chair welcomed the participants. The Agenda was adopted without changes or amendments.

WLTP-05-02/Rev.3 | Final agenda for the 5th WLTP informal working group session
2. Status of WLTP GTR development (WLTP Phase 1A)

GRPE working document GRPE/2013/13 and Informal document GRPE-67-04-Rev.1 were introduced. Status of document ECE/TRANS/WP.29/2014/27 on WP29 Website has to be checked (IG WLTP).

Heinz Steven gave a short overview of the detailed Technical Reports on DHC (GRPE-68-03 ) and DTP (GRPE-68-04).

GRPE-67-04/Rev.1 | Proposal for a new UN Global Technical Regulation on Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedures (WLTP): Revision 1 Revised text of the proposed new GTR on light vehicle emissions and fuel consumption as submitted by the WLTP UN GTR draft manager with last-minute corrections.
GRPE-68-03 | Development of a Worldwide harmonized Light duty driving Test Cycle (WLTC) Report of the expert group (WLTP-DHC informal group) on their development of the driving test cycle for the Global Technical Regulation on light-duty vehicle emissions and fuel consumption (World Harmonized Light-duty vehicle Test Procedures).
GRPE-68-04 | Development of a Worldwide harmonised Light duty driving Test Procedure: Draft technical report Draft technical report prepared by the expert subgroup on the development of the WLTP driving test procedure intended to accompany the draft global technical regulation on light-duty vehicle emissions and fuel consumption. The document explains the development of a test procedure intended to represent typical driving characteristics around the world.
GRPE/2013/13 | Proposal for a new UN Global Technical Regulation on Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedures Final draft version of the WLTP global technical regulation for review and eventual approval at the Working Party on Pollution and Energy special session set for 14 November 2013.
WP.29/2014/27 | Proposal for a new global technical regulation on the Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) Text of the proposed new GTR on light vehicle emissions and fuel consumption as approved at the November special session of the Working Party on Pollution and Energy and submitted to the Forum for consideration and adoption at its March 2014 session.
3. DTP-Subgroup on Additional Pollutants (AP)

Progress report was presented by C. Astorga, JRC. Measurement equipment for NH3 and ETOH was analyzed and a technical set up is recommended. Drafted amendment of gtr is expected until June 2014. Validation is still an open issue. OIL of Phase 1B has to be amended in this respect.

4. Organization of WLTP phase 1B

Chair introduced Working Paper WLTP-05-03. Chair explained objectives, roles and tasks of Subgroup and Task Forces. Organizational structure of SG EV was amended with an additional technical secretary supported by OICA. Nominated was Stephan Hartmann (Volkswagen). Drafting Coordinator for Phase 1B will be sponsored by the EU Commission. Serge Dubuc has offered to continue the task.

WLTP-05-03 | Priorities, organization and schedule for Phase 1b of the WLTP GTR development Presentation prepared by the WLTP secretary for discussion at the 5th informal working group session.

Open issues list (Working Paper WLTP-05-04) was presented by Ichikawa, TS. India raised the issue of definition of maximum speed as regional option or R68 application and supported a harmonized definition. Issue is on OIL for HEV and will be discussed again for ICE vehicles. The potential need for validation is indicated for each issue.

The experts who are responsible to develop the proposals for the open issues are indicated in the OIL. To ensure a sufficient pre-discussion of the proposals in advance of the WLTP IWG meetings other relevant experts/parties shall be involved already in the early development process. These stakeholders shall indicate their interest to the responsible expert and WLTP IWG leading team.

WLTP-05-04 | List of open issues for Phase 1b development of the WLTP GTR
5. Overview of key issues of WLTP Phase 1B

Electrified vehicles: Utility Factors, phase specific calc. formula and shortened test procedure were presented (Working Paper WLTP-05-06) by SG Co-Chair Niikuni. EU Com explained status of work on regional Utility Factor based on WLTP database. Chair raised question about overlapping actions within EU and UN/ECE projects. EU will fix proposal for utility factors in 1. Quarter of 2014 and introduce it for discussion in WLTP Phase 1B. EU Com remarked different definitions of HEV in WLTP and HD regulation and asked for review. Issue will be added to the WLTP OIL.

WLTP-05-06 | WLTP-E-Lab Sub Group Key issues Brief review of open issues concerning electric vehicle testing for resolution during "Phase 1b" of the development of the light-duty vehicle emissions GTR (WLTP).

Cycle/Process and RLD: Responsibility for open issue “sailing” was changed to ACEA. ACEA will develop a proposal. Number of tests (Working Paper WLTP-05-07) and key issues for RLD (WLTP-05-05) were presented by Ichikawa, Kolesa, TSs. ACEA data as well as the correlation program of EC will provide additional for default road load parameters.

WLTP-05-05 | WLTP Phase 1B: Main Open Issues-Road and Dyno Load
WLTP-05-07 | WLTP Phase 1b open issues: Number of tests Review of main test procedures and flowchart towards determining pass/fails.

General: Presentations on Normalization procedures (Steininger, EC) and on Ambient Temperature Correction Test (ATCT) (Eder, BMW). EC recommended special meeting of RLD experts to discuss normalization approach in 1st Quarter 2014. ACEA will provide first validation data on the family characteristics until end of January.

Chair encouraged Contracting Parties and other stakeholders to show their interest to participate in the validation program for the ATCT procedure.

Chair requested Contracting Parties to give a feedback on the proposed normalization procedures and the interest to (partly) harmonize such procedures in the gtr. Feedback of CPs to WLTP Chair is requested until 14.2.2014.

WLTP-05-14 | Ambient Temperature Correction Test (ATCT) for WLTP Proposal of a test to reflect the CO2 values obtained under “real life temperature conditions”.
6. Validation issues of Phase 1B
7. Organization of Round Robin Exercise

Reports of Coleman, OICA & Ichikawa, TS (Working Papers WLTP-05-08 and -09) were presented. The Round Robin exercise will be performed in two parallel and linked sequences in Europe and Asia. US EPA announced interest in participating the round robin.

WLTP-05-08/Rev.1 | WLTP Phase 1a Round Robin (European plan) Review of the European validation program to assess the repeatability of the test procedure described in the Phase 1a GTR text.
WLTP-05-09 | WLTP Asia round robin test plan Plan for the Asian validation program to assess the repeatability of the WLTP test procedure as part of its phase 1b development.
8. Next meetings
  • Preparatory Telephone/Web Conference 2 weeks in advance of IG meeting
  • 6th WLTP IG Meeting, 26.- 28. March 2014 (Vienna, Austria)
  • 7th WLTP IG Meeting, 4. June 2014 (Geneva, preceding GRPE)
9. Any other business