Session 180 | Geneva | 9-12 Mar 2020
UN R9 Three-Wheeled Cycle NoiseWP.29/2020/2 | Proposal to introduce mandatory additional sound emission provisions (ASEP) tests and to correct inconsistencies in the ASEP exemption conditions for vehicles with variable gear ratios or automatic transmission with non-lockable gear ratios. 9 19 21442 1391
UN R10 Electromagnetic CompatibilityWP.29/2020/30 | Proposal to require that the vehicle manufacturer’s statement regarding frequency bands, power levels, antenna positions and installation provisions for the installation of radio frequency transmitters (RF-transmitters) be added to the information document (e.g. under item 63, Annex 2A) to facilitate conformity of production and other compliance checks. 10 20 21502 1391
UN R26 External ProjectionsWP.29/2020/15 | Proposal to exempt rear edges of fenders and rear edges of A pillars under certain conditions from the requirement that sheet metal edges be folded back or fitted with a shield. 26 37 21474 1391
UN R26 External ProjectionsWP.29/2020/26 | Proposal to introduce a generic drawing to improve interpretation of the regulation, especially with regard to contactable parts (sphere protocol). The proposal clarifies which requirements apply to which part of the windscreen wiper and thus clarifies whether parts may be “exempted”. Given the implications for approvals, the proposal is presented as a new series of amendments with transitional provisions starting from September 2022. 26 37 21485 1391
UN R28 Audible Warning DevicesWP.29/2020/3 | Proposal to define “electronic” as a “principle of operation by electric or electro-magnetic force with amplifier and speaker or resonator”. 28 39 21446 1391
UN R46 Indirect VisionWP.29/2020/16 | Proposal to introduce provisions for activation of a "temporary modified view" (such as change in image magnification or resolution) per ISO 16505:2015 to complement the static Class II field of vision using a Camera Monitoring System (CMS). 46 57 21475 1391
UN R46 Indirect VisionWP.29/2020/17 | Proposal to enable the use of small indicative lines to assist the driver in discriminating among two or more fields of vision rendered as a combined continuous image on a display. 46 57 21476 1391
UN R48 Installation of LightingWP.29/2020/36 | Proposal to clarify the definitions of “switching” and “activation” and to introduce the mandatory use of Emergency Stop Signals (ESS) to align UN R48 with the General Safety Regulation of the European Union. 48 59 21509 1391
UN R51 Vehicle NoiseWP.29/2020/4 | Proposal for clarifications and corrections, including an update to reference ISO 5130:2019. 51 62 21447 1391
UN R55 Mechanical CouplingsWP.29/2020/27 | Proposal to specify that "the motor-vehicle’s user instructions (e.g. owner’s manual, vehicle handbook) shall clearly specify that the removable or repositionable mechanical coupling device shall always be removed or repositioned when it is not in use.” The purpose is to comply with an EU General Safety Regulation provision that prohibits couplings from obscuring rear lighting components or registration plates. 55 66 21486 1391
UN R58 Rear Underrun Protection DevicesWP.29/2020/19 | Proposal to introduce a definition for “Aerodynamic devices” and ensure that such devices shall not compromise the functionality of rear underrun protection devices. 58 69 21478 1391
UN R59 Replacement Silencing SystemsWP.29/2020/7 | Proposal to transpose the modified requirements for non-original replacement exhaust silencing systems (NORESS) from UN R92 (Replacement exhaust silencing systems for motorcycles) into UN R59. 59 70 21450 1391
UN R62 Handlebar Vehicle Unauthorized UseWP.29/2020/28 | Proposal to introduce electromagnetic specifications for the approval of an electronic device, such as a transponder — even without the traditional functionality of a mechanical key — under UN R62 via reference to UN R10 on electromagnetic compatibility (as is the case under UN R116). 62 73 21487 1391
UN R79 Steering EquipmentWP.29/2020/11 | Proposal to introduce provisions for<ul><li>the approval of Remote Control Manoeuvring (RCM) systems</li><li>a “two-step Human Machine Interface” in the requirements for Automatically Commanded Steering Functions (ACSF) of Category C lane-change functions, and</li><li>to resolve measurement concerns in the test requirements for ACSF of Category B1 and C by introducing provisions for tolerances, including:<ul><li>inclusion of the position at which the lateral acceleration was measured and the position of the centre of gravity of the vehicle for better traceablility,</li><li>sampling rate of at least 100 Hz for dynamic testing,</li><li>specification of filters and cut-off frequency for determination of lateral acceleration,</li><li>option to measure “overriding force” torque via an internal sensor or an external device (e.g., steering robot).</li></ul></li></ul> 79 90 21452 1391
UN R90 Replacement Brake ComponentsWP.29/2020/8 | Proposal to align approval numbers and markings under UN R90 with Schedule 4 of Revision 3 to the 1958 Agreement. <span class="orange">Please note that WP.29 adopted document WP.29/2019/47 as Supplement 5 to the 02 series of amendments to UN R90 during its June 2019 session. Therefore, this proposal (if adopted) would be Supplement 6.</span> 90 101 21451 1391
UN R106 Agricultural TiresWP.29/2020/5 | Proposal to:<ol class="alpha"><li>include the load variation with speed for IF and VF tyres in Table A of Annex 7</li>introduce a new paragraph (2.18.13) and amend paragraph 3.1.9.and Annex 3,part D to reconcile contradictions</li><li>clarify Annex 6 “Test method for measuring tyre dimensions” via references to other provisions</li><li>Correct example in Annex 3, part C by introducing the dimension “b” for the tyre size designation, and</li><li>Modify inflation pressure markings.</li></ol> 106 117 21448 1391
UN R107 Coach and Bus ConstructionWP.29/2020/12 | Proposal to allow an alternative positioning and spacing of escape hatches on buses of Classes A and B to address limitations for shorter vehicles. 107 118 21455 1391
UN R107 Coach and Bus ConstructionWP.29/2020/13 | For escape hatches on buses of Classes A and B, proposal to allow a maximum length of 1600 mm equally spaced to cover the shortest vehicles, so the allowed space should be the maximum of either the third of the length or 1600 mm. This proposal will not affect the positioning requirements for any mid-sized and larger buses. 107 118 21472 1391
UN R107 Coach and Bus ConstructionWP.29/2020/14 | For escape hatches on buses of Classes A and B, proposal to allow a maximum length of 1600 mm equally spaced to cover the shortest vehicles, so the allowed space should be the maximum of either the third of the length or 1600 mm. This proposal will not affect the positioning requirements for any mid-sized and larger buses. 107 118 21473 1391
UN R110 CNG/LNG System ComponentsWP.29/2020/20 | Proposal to clarify provisions for periodic testing and periodic requalification of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) cylinders and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) tanks. 110 121 21479 1391
UN R110 CNG/LNG System ComponentsWP.29/2020/21 | Proposal to introduce changes/additions in the Change of Design Table to better specify appropriate test requirements for CNG cylinders with composite materials and, in some cases, to harmonize with International Standard Organisation (ISO) standard 11439. 110 121 21480 1391
UN R117 Tire Noise, Wet Adhesion, and Rolling ResistanceWP.29/2020/6 | Proposal for an amendment to complement the content of working document GRVA/2018/5. The proposal includes amendments to:<ol><li>The Standard Reference Test Tyre (SRTT) denominations</li><li>Remove the discrimination between the two Class C3 tyres</li><li>Clarify that there are no C3 tyres in the scope of this UN Regulation "not marked with speed symbol"</li><li>Align Annex 6 with the most recent amendments made to standard ISO 28580</li><li>Define "standard deviation" as appropriate in the text</li><li>Clarify that, in the cases of C2 and C3 tyres, the “Reference (test) pressure” and the value “Pr” correspond to the indication of the inflation pressure which is always marked on the sidewall</li><li>Use "repeatable" instead of references to "reproducibility"</li><li>Update test report forms</li><li>Include the date on which the new proposed supplement of UN Regulation No. 117 will apply</li><li>Improve the description of the evaluation of the rolling sound emission test</li>Correct the figure in Annex 2, Appendix 2, and</li><li>Update cross references pursuant to paragraph renumbering.</li></ol> 117 128 21449 1391
UN R121 Hand Controls, Tell-tales and IndicatorsWP.29/2020/22 | Proposal in line with ISO 2575 to allow for the use of different colors (e.g., red, yellow, green) to convey the status modes (e.g., failure, active) of seven functions via modification of footnote 18 under Table 1. 121 132 21481 1391
UN R122 Heating SystemsWP.29/2020/23 | Proposal to add a missing footnote concerning the exemptions for heaters located outside the passenger compartment using water as a transfer medium and to clarify that it is not necessary to apply Annex 4 for the heat pump because the heat transfer fluid does not contain polluting air. 122 133 21482 1391
UN R128 LED Light SourcesWP.29/2020/31 | Proposal to insert a minimum luminance gradient as an alternative criteria. The current text requires a certain “asymmetry” of the Light Emitting Area (LEA) in order to ensure a “minimum worst-case gradient”; however, this requirement has been deemed too design-restrictive. 128 147 21503 1391
UN R144 Accident Emergency Call SystemsWP.29/2020/24 | Proposal to correct erroneous references (to annexes in the regulation as well as to UN R94 and R95) in the text and to correct an inconsistency in the text (paragraph 26.7.2. refers to situations where the AECS is not equipped with a back-up power supply; however, the subparagraph refers to an AECS with a back-up power supply). 144 192 21483 1391
UN R144 Accident Emergency Call SystemsWP.29/2020/25 | Proposal to clarify that UN R144 does not specify the frequency (number) of attempts or the duration of efforts to establish a network connection (voice or data transmission) for automatic emergency call systems. <span class="orange">This proposal has been deferred to the June 2020 WP.29 session.</span> 144 192 21484 1391
UN R144 Accident Emergency Call SystemsWP.29/2020/29 | Proposal to:<ol class="alpha"><li>clarify that the application of an AECD approval to other vehicle categories than M<sub>1</sub> and N<sub>1</sub> is not mandatory,</li><li>align the power supply requirement of Part III, para. 34.1 with the corresponding requirement in Part II, para. 25.1.</li><li>clarify with regard to para. 34.1 that if the vehicle is equipped with both<ul class="none"><li>-a <i>“back-power supply”</i> as listed in para. 35.10.1 and</li><li>-a <i>“Power supply other than back-up power supply mentioned in paragraph 35.10.1”</i> as listed in para. 35.10.2</li></ul> both should be tested according to Annex 9. The <i>“Power supply other than back-up power supply mentioned in paragraph 35.10.1”</i> should indeed only be tested if it is the only power supply for the AECS.</li><li>include two-year transitional provisions</li><li>remove the exclusion of M<sub>1</sub> and N<sub>1</sub> not equipped with a side airbag and to specify that the AECS shall be able to output the navigation solution in an NMEA-0183 protocol format (RMC, GGA, VTG, GSA and GSV message), among other clarifications.</li></ol> 144 192 21488 1391
UN R148 Light-Signalling DevicesWP.29/2020/32 | Proposal to differentiate light source modules in cases where a signalling device contains more than one different module, to restore the sequential activation of direction indicators of categories 11, 11a, 11b, 11c and 12, which were included in UN Regulation No. 50 but omitted when UN R148 was developed during SLR Stage 1, to delete a footnote indicator, and to delete characters from a figure on the standard light distribution of devices. 148 219 21504 1391
UN R149 Road Illumination Devices (RID)WP.29/2020/33 | Proposal to reintroduce the run-up provisions for high-intensity discharge (HID) headlamps that were unintentionally omitted from the original text of UN R149. 149 218 21505 1391
UN R150 Retro-reflective Devices (RRD)WP.29/2020/34 | Proposal to correct a paragraph reference (‘’ in place of ‘’) and to insert a provision from UN R3 (para. 4.1.2.) unintentionally omitted from the original text. 150 227 21507 1391
UN R151 Blind spot detectionWP.29/2020/18 | Proposal to<ol><li>clarify test procedures allowing non-random selection of parameter combinations and</li><li>provide for protrusion requirements for Blind Spot Information Systems (BSIS) external elements.</li></ol> 151 216 21477 1391
UN R152 Light Vehicle AEBSWP.29/2020/9 | Proposal to improve and clarify the text of the Regulation. 152 238 21453 1391
UN R152 Light Vehicle AEBSWP.29/2020/10 | Proposal to introduce new and enhanced requirements for the car-to-pedestrian test scenario. These requirements would be phased in from May 2024. 152 238 21454 1391
UN R115 LPG/CNG Retrofit SystemsWP.29/2020/49 | Proposal to correct errors identified in the text of Supplement 8 (document WP.29/2019/45) as adopted by the World Forum. 115 126 21878 1391