Session 31 | Los Angeles | 15-18 Oct 2019
Korea opinion on test method for L-category maximum power (KATRI)
14 Oct 2019 Informal Group Informal Documents Measurement of Motorcycle Max Power Motorcycle Max Power EPPR-31-0010
Adopted report of the 31st EPPR informal group session
06 Jan 2020 Informal Group Report Motorcycle Emissions and Fuel Consumption WMTC Measurement procedure for two-wheeled motorcycles equipped with a positive or compression ignition engine with regard to the emission of gaseous pollutants, CO2 emissions and fuel consumption Motorcycle On-Board Diagnostic Systems L-OBD Project to establish a Global Technical Regulation and its homologous UN Regulation for motorcycle and moped on-board diagnostic systems. Durability of L-category Vehicle Pollution Control Devices L-vehicle Pollution Control Durability Requirements for Two- and Three-wheeled Light Motor Vehicles with regard to the Durability of the Pollution Control Devices Measurement of Motorcycle Max Power Motorcycle Max Power EPPR-31-0015/Rev.2