Session 151 | Geneva | 22-25 Jun 2010
This session includes documents concerning the following regulatory subjects:
GTR No. 3 Motorcycle Brake Systems GTR 0003
GTR No. 6 Safety Glazing Materials GTR 0006
GTR No. 7 Head Restraints GTR 0007
UN R7 Position, Stop and End-outline Lamps UN Regulation UNR 0007
UN R11 Door Latches and Door Retention Components UN Regulation UNR 0011
UN R13 Heavy-Duty Vehicle Braking UN Regulation UNR 0013
UN R13-H Light-Duty Vehicle Braking UN Regulation UNR 0013-H
UN R29 Commercial Vehicle Cab Occupant Protection UN Regulation UNR 0029
UN R37 Filament Lamps UN Regulation UNR 0037
UN R44 Child Restraint Systems UN Regulation UNR 0044
UN R48 Installation of Lighting and Lighting-Signalling Equipment UN Regulation UNR 0048
UN R51 Vehicle Noise Emissions UN Regulation UNR 0051
UN R55 Mechanical Coupling Components UN Regulation UNR 0055
UN R64 Temporary-use Tires UN Regulation UNR 0064
UN R78 Motorcycle and Moped Braking UN Regulation UNR 0078
UN R80 Seat Strength and Seat Anchorages for Large Passenger Vehicles UN Regulation UNR 0080
UN R89 Speed Limitation Devices UN Regulation UNR 0089
UN R90 Replacement Brake Linings, Discs, and Drums UN Regulation UNR 0090
UN R108 Retreaded Tires for Motor Vehicles UN Regulation UNR 0108
UN R117 Tire Rolling Sound Emissions, Adhesion on Wet Surfaces, and Rolling Resistance UN Regulation UNR 0117
UN R121 Location and Identification of Hand Controls, Tell-tales and Indicators UN Regulation UNR 0121
UN R124 Passenger Car and Trailer Wheels UN Regulation UNR 0124
GTR No. 15 Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Emissions Test Procedure GTR 0015
UN R0 International Whole Vehicle Type Approval System (IWVTA) UN Regulation UNR 0000
1998 Global Agreement 1998 Agreement
GTR No. 16 Tires GTR 0016
GTR No. 14 Pole Side Impact Protection (PSI) GTR 0014
Intelligent Transport Systems ITS
Harmonization of Side Impact Dummies WorldSID Harmonization
1968 Vienna Convention on Road Traffic 1968 Vienna Convention
Climate Change and Transport Climate Change
1997 Agreement on Periodical Technical Inspections 1997 Agreement
Marking Provisions of Global Technical Regulations GTR Markings