(Latest posted on 1 Mar 2024)
GRE Scope
Groups reporting to GRE
Please note that some groups may no longer be active.
LUPC Task Force on Lamps Under Parked Conditions Last session: March 2024
AVSR Task Force on Autonomous Vehicle Signalling Requirements Last session: March 2024
EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility Last session: March 2024
TFSR Task Force on Substitute and Retrofit Light Sources Last session: January 2024
SLR Simplification of Lighting and Light-Signalling Regulations Next session: 23-26 Jul
R48.09SIG Special Interest Group on UN R48 and Park Condition Lighting Last session: March 2023
VGL Informal Working Group on Visibility, Glare and Levelling Last session: October 2017
TFHS Task Force on Headlamp Switching Last session: September 2017
AVLI Informal Group on the Installation of Agricultural Vehicle Lighting Last session: June 2015
HRD Informal Working Group on Horizontal Reference Document Last session: October 2010