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06 Jun 2017 GRPE-75-15
Japan: Future Policy for Motor Vehicle Emission Reduction (Thirteenth Report)
Working Party Informal Motorcycle Emissions and Fuel Consumption WMTC Measurement procedure for two-wheeled motorcycles equipped with a positive or compression ignition engine with regard to the emission of gaseous pollutants, CO2 emissions and fuel consumption Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Emissions Test Procedure WLTP Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure Motor vehicle evaporative emissions Evaporative emissions Motorcycle On-Board Diagnostic Systems L-OBD Project to establish a Global Technical Regulation and its homologous UN Regulation for motorcycle and moped on-board diagnostic systems. Light Vehicle On-Board Diagnostic Systems Light Vehicle OBD Proposal to transpose UN R83 and Japanese OBD requirements into a new Global Technical Regulation updated to use the WLTP test cycle (WLTC). Particle Measurement Programme PMP Non-Exhaust Particle Emissions NEPE