UN Regulation No. 0 (IWVTA) third draft
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Final version of the informal group working draft subject to resolution of open issues (in square brackets) where guidance from the World Forum/WP.29 has been requested.

Reference Number: WP.29-165-14
Date: 9 March 2015
Proposal Status: Superseded
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World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations | Session 165 | 10-13 Mar 2015

44. The representative of Japan, Chair of the IWG on IWVTA, reported on the meetings of the Group on the development of draft UN Regulation No. 0 (WP.29-165-14 and WP.29-165-15). He presented an outline of UN Regulation No. 0 (WP.29-165-15) and sought the advice of WP.29 on: (i) the number of months necessary for Contracting Parties to accept IWVTA pursuant to UN Regulation No. 0 after its entry into force, (ii) resolving the uncertainty in applying UN Regulation No. 116, and (iii) a common procedure for replacement spare parts for vehicles covered by an IWVTA. He presented two options for the spare parts: (a) Contracting Parties should accept original equipment spare parts covered by IWVTA; or (b) Contracting Parties should accept all spare parts having valid UN approvals for vehicles covered by IWVTA (original equipment and aftermarket spare parts). He underlined the possibility for Contracting Parties applying UN Regulation No. 0 to not to be bound by this clause.

45. The Chair of the IWG on IWVTA reported that the Group had nearly completed the draft UN Regulation No. 0 and that it would continue to work on remaining issues, such as the definition of vehicle type. He added that the subgroup on UN Regulation No. 0 would resume deliberations in June 2015 and that the results would be reported to WP.29 at its next session.

46. The representative of EU expressed his appreciation for the work of IWG. He informed WP.29 that the EU was flexible concerning the number of months needed to accept IWVTA after its entry into force so that a period up to twelve months would be acceptable. He supported the proposed request to GRSG to consider the uncertainty issue on UN Regulation No. 116. He finally expressed the support of the EU for option (b) for spare parts.

47. The representative of the Netherlands informed WP.29 that he also preferred a period of twelve months for Contracting Parties to accept IWVTA after its entry into force and that a period of nine months would be acceptable, pending the agreement of the majority of Contracting Parties. He also supported the option (b) for spare parts.

48. The Chair of GRSG confirmed that GRSG should consider the issue of UN Regulation No. 116 and clarify the text of the Regulation, if needed. He expected that this question would be addressed by GRSG at its May 2015 session.