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Child Restraint Systems: A Study on Shield Systems
Document GRSP-55-39
21 May 2014

Presentation on the promising results of research into the use of shield systems to secure children in child seats.

Submitted by France
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Previous Documents, Discussions, and Outcomes
15. | Regulation No. 44 (Child restraint systems)

25. The expert from France gave a presentation (GRSP-55-39) to inform GRSP about the outcome of tests made on Child Restraint Systems (CRS), equipped with a shield cushion instead of harnesses to subdue the movement of children during collisions. He added that these tests showed that the shield system did not restrain the children in the geometry of the CRS, thus, compromising their full protection. The expert from Japan informed GRSP that some experimental data were available on the kinds of CRS in his country. The expert from Germany, on behalf of the European Enhanced-safety Vehicle Committee (EEVC), announced the intention of his organization to carry out further tests aimed at proposing amendments to the UN Regulation and reduce the risks by using these CRS. He added that every manufacturer producing CRS with a shield system should take note of the potential risk of ejection under specific circumstances and should investigate the safety level accordingly. Following the request of the expert from France, GRSP agreed to resume consideration of this issue by an exchange of information at its December 2014 session.

18. | Regulation No. 129 ( Enhanced Child Restraint Systems )
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