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UN R86: Discussion of amendments
Document GRE-88-19
21 April 2023
Submitted by CEMA
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Previous Documents, Discussions, and Outcomes
6. (b) | Other Installation UN Regulations

28. The expert from CEMA presented amendment proposals to UN Regulation No. 86 (GRE-88-04 and GRE-88-19) that aimed to introduce:

  • Wider vehicles of categories R, S and T.
  • Reflective materials as an alternative to retroreflectors and side-marker lamps.
  • Amber special warning devices to inform of slow vehicles on the road.
  • Use of manufacturer logos.

29. Following a brief exchange of view, GRE held the view that the special warning lamps should remain in the scope of UN Regulation No. 65 only. GRE also raised doubts about the replacement of retroreflectors and side-marker lamps with reflective materials. The Chair invited CEMA to update their proposals and submit them as a working document to the next session.

10. (c) | Miscellaneous
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