Document IWGMU-22-08/Rev.1
UN R51: Draft proposal for Supplement 9 to the 03 series of amendments

Draft proposal to introduce a new Annex 10 (“Estimation of the calculation of the expanded measurement uncertainties for sound measurements of Annex 3 for vehicles of category M and N”) to provide tables showing the measurement uncertainties when performing type-approval, Conformity of Production, and/or field testing (e.g. market surveillance). This work is associated with the “Document for Reference” which describes a general approach to estimating measurement uncertainties (GRBP/2022/9/Rev.1 pending consideration of Revision 2).

Discussions and Outcomes
22nd TFMU session (25 Jan)
76th GRBP session (5-7 Sep 2022)

4. The expert of IWG MU presented a revised document of reference on measurement uncertainties (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRBP/2022/9/Rev.1). GRBP adopted the revised document, as amended by GRBP-76-11, and requested the secretariat to publish it on the GRBP website for reference documents.

5. GRBP took note that, at the June 2022 session of WP.29, IWG MU had delivered a presentation on the general approach of how to handle measurement uncertainties in UN Regulations.