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Conformity of Production provisions under UN R90
Document GRVA-10-29
27 May 2021
Submitted by CLEPA
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10. | UN Regulation No. 90
10. | UN Regulation No. 90

107. The expert from CLEPA introduced ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRVA/2021/15 as amended by GRVA-09-41. The expert from Germany explained that he could only support parts of the proposal and stressed the need for the type approval authority to be able to check the setup used for the Conformity of Production (CoP) tests. The expert from CLEPA explained that he could not agree with the position expressed by the expert from Germany.

108. The expert from Germany stated his readiness to further discuss this matter. The expert from France explained that he could support the text marked in red in the document. The expert from FEMFM supported this discussion. GRVA agreed to resume consideration of this item at its next session.

10. | UN Regulation No. 90
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