Worn tyres: Proposal for working group terms of reference
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Reference Number: GRBP-72-02
Origin: EC
Date: 23 July 2020
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GRBP-72-26/Rev.1 | Comments on Worn Tyres working group terms of reference
Working Party on Noise and Tyres | Session 72 | 7-9 Sep 2020

18. On behalf of IWG for Wet Grip on Worn Tyres (WGWT), the expert of ETRTO reported on their progress (GRBP-72-06) and introduced amendments to the IWG Terms of Reference (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRBP/2020/11). The expert of EC proposed to extend the IWG scope to C2 and C3 tyres (GRBP-72-02). The expert from ETRTO commented on this proposal (GRBP-72-26-Rev.1). Following a discussion, GRBP was not in a position to reach a consensus on the EC proposal and decided to come back to revision of ToR at the next session. Meanwhile, GRBP agreed to request WP.29 to extend the mandate of IWG WGWT until September 2021.