Working Party
Working Party on Noise and Tyres
72nd session | Geneva | 7-9 Sep Download Copy
Agenda Item 5. (e) | UN Regulation No. 117 (Tyre rolling resistance, rolling noise and wet grip)

GRBP will consider two proposals tabled by the experts from ETRTO.

GRBP may resume discussion on the proposal submitted by the Group Of Interested Experts on snow tyre provisions (GOIE)

GRBP will be briefed on the activities of the IWG on Wet Grip Performance of Tyres in a Worn State (IWG WGWT) and will consider a proposal for its revised Terms of Reference, together with a complementary amendment submitted by the expert from EC

GRBP may wish to receive information on an EC-sponsored study on sound level limits of M- and N-category vehicles.

GRBP-72-02 | Worn tyres: Proposal for working group terms of reference (EC)
GRBP-72-06 | Status report of the Working Group on Worn Tyres
GRBP-72-23 | Snow tyre provisions - status report
GRBP-72-25 | Study on sound level limits of M- and N-category vehicles (EC, EMISIA, FEV, LAT, and TNO)
GRBP-72-26/Rev.1 | Comments on Worn Tyres working group terms of reference (ETRTO)
GRBP-72-29 | UN R117: Proposal for amendments to document GRBP/2020/16 (ETRTO)