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RE3: Proposal to add a section on the interpretation of the UN Regulation on Software Updates
Document GRVA/2020/29
10 July 2020

The purpose of this document is to help clarify the requirements of paragraph 7 and Annex 1 of the UN Regulation on uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with regards to software update and software updates management system (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/2020/80) and provide information on what may be used to evidence those requirements.

Status: Superseded
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Previous Documents, Discussions, and Outcomes
4.2.3. | Interpretation of specific UN Regulations

63. The secretariat introduced ECE/TRANS/WP.29/2021/59 and ECE/TRANS/WP.29/2021/60 based on informal documents WP.29-182-05 and WP.29-182-07, and WP.29-182-06, respectively, endorsed by WP.29 at its November 2020 session. WP.29 thanked the secretariat for providing the official documents with the translations in French and Russian and formally adopted them.

4.13. | Proposal for amendments to the Consolidated Resolution on the Construction of Vehicles (R.E.3) submitted by the Working Parties to the World Forum for consideration, if any
3.6.4. | Working Party on Automated/Autonomous and Connected Vehicles (GRVA) (7th session, 21–25 September 2020)

77. WP.29 endorsed informal documents WP.29-182-05 and WP.29-182-06. WP.29 requested the secretariat to issue them with an official symbol for the March 2021 session of WP.29.

5. (b) | Software updates and Over-the-Air issues

32. The expert from UK, Co-Chair of the IWG on CS/OTA, introduced ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRVA/2020/29, proposing guidance on how to interpret UN Regulation No. [156] (Software Updates and Software Updates Management Systems). He answered to the question raised by the expert from Spain on the reference to ISO 9001 in the document, which is a very general quality standard.

33. The expert from CITA introduced GRVA-07-44, aimed at clarifying the interpretation of para. GRVA did not support the proposal as it was agreed that the interpretation document should not indirectly introduce additional requirements to the Regulation. GRVA offered the expert of CITA to further discuss the idea proposed in the document at the IWG level.

34. GRVA endorsed ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRVA/2020/29 as amended by GRVA-07-50 (see Annex IV of the session report) and recommended its adoption by WP.29 at its November 2020 session. (GRVA noted the submission by the IWG of GRVA-07-51, which is content-wise identical with GRVA-07-50 but with a different format).

2.3. | Intelligent Transport Systems and coordination of automated vehicles related activities
4.12.5. | Proposal for a new UN Regulation on uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with regards to software update and software update management system
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