UN R79: Proposal for Supplement 2 to the 02 series of amendments
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Proposal to resolve measurement concerns in the test requirements for ACSF of Category B1 and C by introducing provisions for tolerances, including:

  1. inclusion of the position at which the lateral acceleration was measured and the position of the centre of gravity of the vehicle for better traceablility,
  2. sampling rate of at least 100 Hz for dynamic testing,
  3. specification of filters and cut-off frequency for determination of lateral acceleration,
  4. option to measure “overriding force” torque via an internal sensor or an external device (e.g., steering robot).

The proposal also would modify the high-speed test to end once the system has given an optical “hands-off” warning since the entire warning cascade is checked during the low-speed test. For M2 and M3 vehicles, the amendment allows a corrective steering function to use haptic signals as an alternative to acoustic signals for these categories of vehicles that are equipped with Lane Departure Warning System compliant with UN R130. This change would specify that the haptic warning may not be given solely via the steering wheel (e.g., provided in the driver’s seat).

Reference Number: WP.29/2020/66
Date: 6 April 2020
Proposal Status: Adopted
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