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Informal Document GRSG-116-25

Document Title UN R107: M2 buses of Class B and transition from 05 series to 06 series of amendments
Reference Number GRSG-116-25
Origin OICA
Document Date 29 March 2019
Document Posted 31 March 2019
Meeting Session(s)

8. The expert from OICA presented GRSG-116-25 on specific concerns for the position of escape hatches on M2 buses of Class B in the transition from the 05 and 06 series of amendments to UN Regulation No. 107. She added that the location of such hatches was not relevant, particularly for short vehicles with a passenger compartment length of approximately 2.5 m. Thus, she proposed to amend the provisions of Annex 3 on the number and position of emergency exits of vehicles of Classes A and B (GRSG-116-24). GRSG noted general support for the proposal and some requests for clarification. The expert from OICA invited all interested experts to provide her with their comments. Thus, she volunteered to submit a revised proposal for consideration at the next session as an official document.

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