UN R9: ASEP for L5 vehicles with CVT/AT: background information to GRB-69-14
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Reference Number: GRB-69-16
Origin: IMMA
Date: 23 January 2019
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GRB-69-14 | UN R9: Proposal for amendments to the draft 08 series of amendments
Working Party on Noise | Session 69 | 23-25 Jan 2019

4. The expert from IMMA proposed to correct an inconsistency in the exemption conditions applicable to the additional sound emission provisions (ASEP) for vehicles with variable gear ratios or automatic transmission with non-lockable gear ratios (GRB-69-14 and GRB-69-16). The expert from Germany made a study reservation. GRB invited IMMA to convert the proposal into an official document for consideration at the next session.