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Informal Document GRVA-01-27

Document Title UN R13: Alternative approach - Type IIA for Battery Electric Vehicles
Reference Number GRVA-01-27
Origin CLEPA and OICA
Document Date 24 September 2018
Document Posted 25 September 2018
Meeting Session(s)

47. GRVA considered WP.29-175-04 (together with WP.29-175-05 under agenda item 8 (a) above.)

48. Due to the lack of time and the late submission of informal document GRVA-01-27, GRVA agreed to postpone the consideration of this document until the January 2019 session of GRVA.

53. The expert from OICA presented GRVA-01-27 proposing an alternative approach for conducting the Type II-A test (defined in UN Regulation No. 13) for battery electric vehicles (also including hybrid electric vehicles). He highlighted the economic burden on manufacturers producing battery electric vehicles of category M3 (Classes II, II and B) as well as N3 (for the carriage of dangerous goods and those towing trailers of Category O4). GRVA agreed to discuss this issue but expressed reservations with the idea presented because of the high safety risk related to the situation of such vehicle driving downhill with a full state of charge of the traction battery. The expert from Czech Republic reported on their experience with city buses equipped with battery electric vehicles. GRVA agreed that more information including statistics on the battery state of charge, effect on aftermarket replacement parts, details on the working principle of the proposed “brake estimator” would be needed in order to further discuss this matter.


Discussion presentation for adapting UN R13 to electric vehicle systems with regard to the required state of charge of the vehicle battery under downhill and endurance braking test procedures.

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