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RDE: Japan comments on harmonization
Document WP.29-174-17
14 March 2018

Japan comments in relation to the EU submission WP.29-174-09.

Submitted by Japan
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18.7. | UN GTR No. 15 (Worldwide harmonized Light vehicle Test Procedures (WLTP) – Phase 2)

159. The representative of the European Union presented WP.29-174-09, proposing a work item called Global Real Driving Emissions (RDE). He proposed that the existing RDE European legislation would be included in the Compendium of candidates. He also proposed the creation of an IWG on RDE and to discuss organizational details at the June 2018 session of GRPE. AC.3 invited the representative of the European Union to prepare an official proposal for formal adoption at the June 2018 session.

160. The representative of Japan, Co-Chair of the IWG on WLTP, mentioned the Japanese plan for RDE as presented during the last GRPE session of January 2018 (GRPE-76-18). He added that the legal text was expected to be published in March 2018 with a potential entry into force in October 2022.

161. He presented WP.29-174-17 proposing amendments to WP.29-174-09. He suggested that Japan could co-sponsor such activities.

162. The representative of Germany welcomed the initiative to work on the global harmonization of RDE. He wondered whether the RDE provision should be inserted in UN GTR No. 15 or in a new UN GTR.

163. The representative of the Republic of Korea also welcomed the initiative to work on RDE at the World Forum. He announced that his country would be willing to co-sponsor this work, involving its Ministry of Environment.

164. The representative of the Netherlands, Chair of GRPE, also welcomed the initiative to work on RDE at the World Forum. He invited all CPs to support the harmonization of RDE provisions with flexible positions, for example on the boundary conditions of the test. He suggested that contracting parties consider the possibility to include harmonized RDE provisions in a new GTR.

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