Proposal for the Definitions of Automated Driving under WP.29 and the General Principles for developing a UN Regulation on automated vehicles
Document WP.29/2018/2
9 January 2018
Status: WP.29 amended and adopted
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2.3. | Intelligent Transport Systems and automated vehicles

31. WP.29 agreed with the proposals of the IWG and (a) requested that GRRF address the work item on Data Storage System for Automated Driving (DSSAD), (b) extend the mandate of the group until March 2020 and (c) adopt ECE/TRANS/WP.29/2018/2 with the following modifications:

  1. Page 2, paragraph 1, sentence 2, amend to read: “These principles may be treated as guidelines for developing new regulations related to automated driving systems at WP.29”
  2. Page 3, Table, Column 3, Line “Outline of Classification”, the footnote (shown by an asterisk * and associated with the words “Operational Design Domain (ODD)”) shall be deleted (along with its content below the main text);
  3. Page 11, endnote, amend to read: “The positioning of these functional categories in this table are subject to further consideration by UNECE WP.29.”

32. WP.29 requested that the secretariat prepare a consolidated version of this document.

2.3. | Intelligent Transport Systems and automated vehicles

28. WP.29 agreed to defer consideration of ECE/TRANS/WP.29/2017/145 (still containing text in square brackets) to the March 2018 session.

3.2. | Working items: Definition of Automated Driving Technology for developing a UN Regulation
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