Proposal for amendments to the 04 series of amendments to Regulation No. 78
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Regulation No. 53 currently allows for the activation of the stop lamp by application of the brakes only. As already presented at a session of the Working Party on Lighting and Light-Signalling (GRE) (see ECE/TRANS/WP29/GRE/2015/42), IMMA is proposing to introduce the activation of stop lamps under more conditions than the application of the service brake only, e.g. also by regenerative braking. As noted in the report of seventy-fourth session of GRE, see ECE/TRANS/WP29/GRE/74, para. 30: “the proposal might need to be accompanied by a modification of Regulation No. 78 under GRRF.” Therefore, IMMA has prepared this proposal for Regulation No. 78. A revised corresponding proposal on Regulation No. 53 will also be submitted to the October 2017 session of GRE.

Reference Number: GRRF/2017/14
Origin: IMMA
Date: 5 July 2017
Proposal Status: Superseded
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21. The expert from IMMA introduced ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRRF/2017/14 as amended GRRF-84-13 with provisions allowing additional conditions for the activation of the stop lamp. The expert from Canada recommended addressing this question within GTR No. 3. The Chair noted that ETRTO would not be allowed to propose amendments to GTR No. 3 and asked whether a Contracting Party to the 1998 Agreement could sponsor this amendment. GRRF raised the question why the author of the proposal selected provisions from Regulation No. 13 and not from Regulation No. 13-H. The expert from IMMA agreed to submit a revised proposal for the February 2018 session of GRRF.