Updating the requirements of Regulation No. 48 on signalization of light source failure in lamps equipped with multiple light sources
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During October 2016, GRE-76 adopted collective amendments (GRE/2016/31) to align the requirements of lamp regulations (7, 23, 38, 48, 77, 91 and 119) to guarantee the conformity of the lamp in case of any failure or the mandatory indication that a failure had occurred. This means that when a failure indication signal is provided by the lamp, the vehicle shall be equipped with a tell-tale indicating the failure. Thus, amendments were proposed for Regulation No. 48 to specify the modes of displaying the corresponding failure (see GRE/2016/7). Subsequently, some GRE experts requested GTB to clarify the text of its proposal. This proposal amends UN R48 with respect to all lamps affected by GRE/2016/31 to include the failure indication requirement. The proposal does not apply to the failure indication requirements already in UN R 48 prior to the last (76th) GRE session.

Reference Number: GRE-77-16
Origin: GTB
Date: 30 March 2017
Proposal Status: Superseded
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Working Party on Lighting and Light-signalling | Session 77 | 4-7 Apr 2017

20. The expert from GTB proposed to clarify the requirements for tell-tales indicating a failure of different lamps (GRE-77-16). The expert from OICA introduced a proposal to update paragraph 6.9.8. with the common current technologies, where the instrument panel remains permanently illuminated whenever the engine is running (GRE-77-20). The experts from Italy, Netherlands and UK indicated their support to GRE-77-16, but were of the view that the wording in GRE-77-20 would need improvement. The experts of Germany and SAE pointed out that both proposals had a link to Regulation No. 121 and that the Working Party on General Safety (GRSG), dealing with this Regulation, should be informed. Finally, GRE invited GTB and OICA to take account of the above comments and to submit an official document to the next session.