Simplification of Lighting and Light-Signalling Regulations: application of the Unique Identifier (UI)
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Reference Number: GRE-76-24/Rev.1
Origin: GTB
Date: 2 November 2016
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Working Party on Lighting and Light-signalling | Session 76 | 25-28 Oct 2016

11. GRE had a first exchange of views on the need to streamline approval markings of lighting and light-signalling devices as part of the SLR process. The expert from GTB reported on their participation in the WP.29 Informal Working Group on the Database for the Exchange of Type Approval (IWG DETA) and the future application of the Unique Identifier (UI) and DETA in accordance with Schedule 5 of the revised 1958 Agreement (GRE-76-24-Rev.1). GRE was of the view that UI and DETA would be indispensable for the purposes of SLR and called for their introduction without delay. At the same time, GRE experts pointed out that the application of UI for new series of amendments and for extensions of existing type approvals should be clarified. GRE noted that IWG DETA would soon publish guidelines (a ‘questions and answers’ document) which should address these issues.