UN Regulation No. 80
Seat Strength and Seat Anchorages for Large Passenger Vehicles
Series of Amendments, Supplements, and Corrigenda

This page lists changes to UN R80 by series of amendments, supplements, and corrigenda. A new series occurs when there is a material change in requirements such that an approval granted prior to the change is not equivalent to an approval given after the change. A supplement generally improves the clarity of the regulation; however, a supplement may also involve changes to the scope (range of products) covered by the regulation. A corrigenda is a correction to the text.
03 series of amendments | Supplement 1 (2016)
3 1
03 series of amendments (2012)
03 series of amendments | Supplement 3 (2018)
3 3
03 series of amendments | Supplement 2 (2017)
3 2
04 series of amendments (Formal WP.29 review)